1. Submit an Application: After choosing American International School, the next step is to submit an application. The application form is available online, and it usually requires personal information, academic records, and any other relevant documentation. 
  2. Attend an Entrance Exam: at American International School, students are required to take an entrance exam. These exams are designed to assess a student’s academic ability and readiness for the school’s curriculum. The exam may include questions on math, reading, writing, and other subjects.
  3. Attend an Interview: American International Schools require an interview as part of the admission process. The interview may be conducted by the school’s administration, teachers, or counselors and is an opportunity for the school to learn more about the student’s personality, interests, and goals.
  4. Receive Admission Decision: After completing the application process, the American International School will review the student’s application, exam scores, and interview results to determine whether or not to offer admission. The admission decision may be sent via mail or email, and it may include information about tuition, fees, and other requirements.
  5. Enroll in the School: If the student is offered admission to American International School, the final step is to enroll in the school. This involves completing the necessary paperwork, paying any required fees, and attending any orientation or welcome events. Once enrolled, students can begin their academic journey at the K-12 school.