Elementary: K-5

At American International School, we aim to provide a fun and nurturing environment for elementary
school students where they can grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Our faculty members
are supportive and our curriculum is designed to foster a love of learning in students. Our students are
placed in grades and courses based on their developmental stage and we offer a well-rounded
education by integrating classic literary themes across all subjects. This approach allows families to
also engage in community resources of their choice while still receiving support from our faculty and
community. Our K-5 program prepares students to transition smoothly into middle school with a
strong foundation and a passion for education.

Middle School: 6-8

At American International School, we help middle school students make the transition to a college
preparatory program with confidence. Our middle school program, for grades 6-8, allows students to
choose their education format based on their learning style and interests. We strive to provide a
supportive environment by reinforcing relationships between students, parents, and faculty, as well as
offering opportunities for socialization and parent support. As students prepare for high school, they
receive academic guidance to achieve their post-secondary goals. In eighth grade, a collaborative
academic plan is developed with the help of students, counselors, faculty, and parents, for grades

High School: 9-12

At American International School, students receive a comprehensive and dynamic education through
21-st century learning platform. Our curriculum includes a range of core courses and electives that prepare students for graduation requirements and college prerequisites. We focus on developing
critical thinking skills, which lays the foundation for college-level expectations. What sets our
educational experience apart is the strong personal relationships students form with their peers and
learning team. American International School combines the academic rigor of a traditional private
school with the individuality and flexibility of virtual learning.